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Dave TV No Longer Available on Virgin Media


Well it seems that if you do not pay your bills, you get cut off. Virgin decided not to pay UK TV and so now Virgin customers, who usually pay upwards of £50 per month for Virgin utilities, now no longer have access to channels that are FREE elsewhere. This is a sad state of affairs for the viewer and is most likely a move that will last until Christmas.

Read a UK newspaper this week and you will see adverts for Dave, W and Alibi, and in big letters at the bottom of the page you will read ‘No longer available on Virgin’.

Watching UK TV channels such as Dave TV can be done online via the UK TV app. This app though however is only usually accessible when you are within the United Kingdom. If you are outside of the UK, it will come up with a message saying that it is not accessible. When you have a VPN installed on your device, you will be able to unblock all regional restrictions and access not only UKTV Player, but also BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and all other British only TV apps anywhere in the world.

VPN01 is one of the leading VPN providers for watching British TV when overseas as we offer a totally uncapped data […]

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DC Universe Unblocked Outside US With a VPN

DC Universe Unblocked Outside US With a VPN
The superheros of Television are now combining to produce the TV player DC Universe. Disney, Marvel and LucasFilm all trying to blast out of your TV set faster than a speeding Netflixed shaped bullet.

Well sadly though this service will only be available in the United States of America and so in order to watch it elsewhere you will need a VPN. Our UK/US VPN service will allow you to be anywhere in the world and access not only this service, but all other USA only TV networks such as Hulu and Crackle. If you are serious about your TV viewing then having a VPN installed on each of your devices and even your home router is certainly a smart move.

When you have our VPN installed you will be able to unblock and access all USA only Apps, not only TV but gambling and poker casino sites also at the flick of a button. Better still you will also be able to unblock and access great British TV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub abroad anywhere in the world outside of the UK.

We are offering all unlimited data UK/US/CA/EU VPN accounts totally free for 30 days (simply click below). Our VPN will also work well on all laptops, tablets, smart phones and VPN enabled […]

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When you are outside of the United States of America you will soon realise that USA TV apps and websites will no longer work on your devices. American TV is arguably the best Telly in the world and is always delayed on foreign providers whenever a hit new US TV show comes out. If you would like to gain access to USA only TV apps when you are outside of the states, then a VPN is the only way to go.

Our dedicated US servers are perfect for unblocking all USA only apps when anywhere in the world. This does not only help you access great TV apps such as Hulu and Crackle abroad, but it also helps you access non TV USA only apps such as Casino and Gambling services. If you are a US citizen overseas then fore a few bucks per month you can access everything from back home everywhere and on all of your devices.

A VPN works by switching your IP address with one in a different country. If you wish to access UK TV such as BBC iPlayer outside of the United Kingdom, then a VPN is great for this also. Better still when using a VPN, not only does it allow you to unblock and access apps and websites from […]

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KODI Unblocked in the UK with a VPN


Many people enjoy the benefits of using either a KODI box or the KODI app installed on their smart TV’s directly. The problem however in the UK and many other western countries is that, ISP’s are now starting to crack down on KODI use. This crack down is due to the fact that your ISP is generally the supplier of your Television package also, and when you are using KODI instead of premium TV, they lose money.

You will now find that many of the popular addons for KODI have now been blocked by Sky, Virgin and BT in the UK, making KODI quite difficult to use. When you have a VPN such as ours running on your devices (or better still your router), you will not only be able to download and use all of the great addons for KODI, but best of all yoru access to this will be totally 100% anonymous, perfect!

You can use the OpenVPN addon within KODI to get a VPN connection up and running so that your KODI is behind a VPN tunnel. Better still though we do advise installing the VPN on your router so that all devices in your house are behind a VPN, perfect for those who do not wish to install on every device each time.

We now also have […]

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Watch England Win The World Cup! On BBC ITV Abroad With a VPN


When you have a VPN installed on your devices you will be able to access all UK TV networks coverage of the World Cup. You will be able to unblock regional restrictions and access content from the UK, US, Canada and the EU. Perfect for watch the World Cup with the commentary of your choice!

Our VPN is one of the best on the market as it offers one of the highest speeds available and allows up to 3x devices to connect simultaneously at any time. It will install easily on all laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart TV boxes.

British expats in hotspots such as Spain, Dubai and Australia have used our services for years to gain total borderless internet freedom to watch the TV from back home that they want, exactly how their friends do back home.

If you would like to access the service on your devices totally free for the first 30 days commitment free, then visit our homepage and sign up today! https://www.vpn01.com

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Watch World Cup on BBC & ITV Abroad with a VPN in Summer 2018

Watching the World Cup matches on the BBC and ITV can be possible when using a VPN when outside of the United Kingdom. Last World Cup and Euro 2016 saw VPN usage around the world double. If you are abroad and wish to still use your UK TV apps to watch the coverage with British commentary in English language and best of all without adverts, then British Television has always been the best choice.

If you are overseas, simply install a VPN on your laptops, tablets and smart phones and you will be able to access all UK only apps when anywhere in the world*.

At VPN01 we pride ourselves in having the best service for TV viewing abroad, as we never over-stack our servers and ensure that they are all lightning fast.

We are also one of the few providers who can offer you a totally catch-free 30 days UK/US/CA/EU unlimited bandwidth account to try out first. To try our service, simply visit our homepage and sign up for 30 days free. If you wish to stay with us its £6.99 per month, if not then simply pay nothing!

If you have any questions at all regarding our service, you can always send us a quick email to support@vp01.com and we will get straight back to you.

*Always check that you have permission to view TV […]

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GDPR and Ragnarok in EU

Ragnarok in EU?
If you still wish to play
Ragnarok in Europe, then ordinarily you would be out of luck. If you connect to our US or Canadian VPN when in Europe, these new shutdown rules will no longer apply and you will be able to access Ragnarok and all other non EU approved services anywhere in Europe without any more irritation.

Using a VPN is vital if you wish to use services from multiple countries such as BBC iPlayer when in Spain or Hulu (US) when in Canada. Many expats use a VPN on a daily basis for these purposes and is invaluable to millions when accessing apps from overseas that have been geographically locked down.

Our VPN is incredibly good value for those who stream TV services from abroad. All UK channels work overseas and all US channels work in the UK & the rest of the EU.

If you would like to grab our VPN half price then simply visit https://www.vpn01.com/supercoupon

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Watching UK TV Overseas
Accessing British TV overseas
Many people use VPN connections on a daily basis for all manner of reasons, one of these reasons is accessing TV abroad. When you are outside of your own country you will often find that TV apps on your tablets and phones no longer work as they are geographically restricted.
This is something that can fortunately be remedied by using a VPN connection. When you access apps on your devices on the internet via a VPN, your internet traffic then goes via a secure VPN server located in your country of origin, so that you then obtain an IP address from back home, masking your real location.

This technology is perfect for not only unblocking TV apps from back home, but also perfect for Radio, gaming and poker and casino services also*.

Another great use for a VPN s of course internet security. When you are connected to the internet via a VPN, you gain totally internet security and freedom. If you are on a public WIFI network such as a coffee shop or a library or hotel, then it is always advisable to use a VPN, as this stops any potential hacking from users on the same network. Some would say that the best reason of all to use a VPN is anonymity. Once you are connect to […]

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Access Blocked Kodi Add-Ons With a VPN

It is widely know now that ISP’s in the UK, US & EU now routinely block the more popular KODI add-ons. This is frustrating for many KODI users and makes the service pretty much unusable.

Fortunately there is a simple way around this. If you purchase a VPN enabled router (currently around £49 on eBay) you can purchase a VPN account from us and this will then install easily on a VPN enabled router and unblock all KODI restrictions. better still using a VPN is 100% totally anonymous, so your ISP will never see what you are watching, browsing or downloading.

A VPN is always advisable when using KODI as most western ISP’s do keep logs of frequent KODI use (when not using a VPN) and at any time these can be handed over to local authorities, which can lead to all manner of troubles *.

We currently have an amazing deal, pay absolutely nothing for 30 days!

Simply visit our homepage and follow the instructions https://www.vpn01.com

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How to Unblock & Use KODI Anonymously
Using a KODI box has become a big thing not only in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world. Firstly we do have to state that the legalities regarding using a KODI box are totally down to the user, we merely state the technical facts, the legal ones are always down to the user!

Anyway, enough said about that… YES using a VPN if you are thinking of viewing content via a KODI box is most definitely a good idea, as it will not only allow totally anonymous viewing, but will also unblock an filtering imposed on KODI plugins.

When using a VPN, your internet traffic flow is 100% anonymous, so that your local Internet Service Provider cannot see your downloading activity and most certainly cannot send out letters to you regarding KODI use. Also many of the addon links that give KODI its usability are frequently filtered out and blocked by ISP’s and when you use a VPN, this filtering is perfectly bypassed so that you can then start to use again easily.
We at the VPN01 Network are currently offering 30 DAYS FREE for each of our VPN accounts, perfect for those who wish to fully test our our service without paying a penny. If you wish to be a regularly user after […]

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