Using the Internet whilst connected to a VPN account from us will break down all geo-targeted restrictions and afford you both a secure and anonymous connection to the Internet. Watch TV from other countries and surf the web as you please without big brother watching you!

DEDICATED VPN: A dedicated static IP VPN (rather than a dynamic shared one), is essential for those who are wanting heavy VPN usage. With a static IP, your data flow will be unique and yet still hidden. When you use Google, your settings will be remembered, best of all though, is that all Television apps will become unblocked for you without any issues.



* £4.99 a month when billed annually, £6.99 monthly subscription


Starting At$9.99

Dedicated Plan 1

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Starting At$29.99

Dedicated Plan 2

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Starting At$49.99

Dedicated Plan 3

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Find out a little bit more about just what our VPN service can do for you by looking at some of our most recently asked questions. If you have any questions of your own then simply click on the contact button and we will get straight back to you. Remember our service is 100% no questions asked full refund if you let us know within 48 hours of purchase if you unhappy, so no risk at all on you part!

Well if you are wanting a domain name purely to forward to say a Facebook page and to forward emails to an existing email address, then no you will not need any web hosting. If you wish to build a website though and have a dedicated email inbox with storage, then yes you will need web hosting also. Our web hosting starts at £3.49 per month or £34.99 when paying annually.
Yes, if you order a years hosting paid upfront with us, we will give you a .com, .net or on us for the year. If you want a totally free no strings attached domain name then we can offer you either a .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf or .ga domain name totally free of charge. These do have some terms differences but are a great resource for a non-for-profit idea that you may have.
Well, If you are a UK registered business then the correct or standard format should be to use a domain name. However if you are wanting International business and prefer the idea of using a .com domain name, we would recommend that you register both and 301 redirect your to your .com and build your website on the .com. This is something that we can assist with.
Yes our control panel is easy to use and also so are the cPanel and Plesk options for controlling your domain name.
Yes it is very easy to renew domains with us and this process in most cases will be automatic too. Our prices rarely rise and we charge £8.99 for a domain name and £10.99 for a .com and .net domain name.