So, you get what you pay for in life right? well usually yes and if you are not paying anything it is usually for a reason. If you are wanting a quick solution to hide your tracks on-line or mask your IP address, then yes a free VPN may be for you. There are many free alternatives out there, but f you wish to use a VPN more than just very occasionally free isn’t the way forward.

Free VPN providers give away their service free as they make their money from adware, spyware and by just generally offering a very slow and limited connection service. There are even some VPN providers who log your surfing activity and sometimes even sell the information on.

There are some VPN providers who offer ‘free for the first 48 hours’ but most (like ourself) will not offer this as it is a system that often gets abused by hackers and malicious Internet users. We believe rather than offering a limited free trial, we can offer one a one off non commitment month for half price at just £3.95 (cheapest on the market). If you like our service you can join our rolling monthly subscription or purchase a year upfront at a discount.

Our VPN service is always unlimited bandwidth and connection time as standard so perfect for watching TV channels and gives you access to UK/US/EU 17x servers on up to 3x devices at a time. (Installs on all major laptops, tablets, smart-phones and smart TV boxes).

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