We now offer several free domain names for you to register with your hosting packages, which will help you save some money, but is it worth it? This is something that we regularly get asked and the simple answer is… yes, but only if it is a small project.

If you are wanting to put something on-line and it is a pet project that you wish to spend as little time and money on as possible then these are great. What is also great is that there are some names that you would like that may already be registered as a .com or but are still available. (eg. may be registered but is still available).

We currently offer .tk, .ml, ga, .cf and .gq as free domains when you pick one of our hosting packages. This is great for small and cheap, but if you are a business that is making a profit (or at least looking to), then we strongly suggest either a TLD or CCTLD (ideally .com /.net / If you want to be taken seriously then owning your own paid domain is definitely the way forward. But if you do choose a free domain and then decide to move it to say a a few months along, site migration isn’t too painful to do.