It is widely know now that ISP’s in the UK, US & EU now routinely block the more popular KODI add-ons. This is frustrating for many KODI users and makes the service pretty much unusable.

Fortunately there is a simple way around this. If you purchase a VPN enabled router (currently around £49 on eBay) you can purchase a VPN account from us and this will then install easily on a VPN enabled router and unblock all KODI restrictions. better still using a VPN is 100% totally anonymous, so your ISP will never see what you are watching, browsing or downloading.

A VPN is always advisable when using KODI as most western ISP’s do keep logs of frequent KODI use (when not using a VPN) and at any time these can be handed over to local authorities, which can lead to all manner of troubles *.

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