Free VPN Without The Limits?

TunnelBear is a VPN used by millions of people out there who want a quick fix ‘free’ VPN solution to bypass restrictions when overseas. This is great for many and is easy to find the the Appstore, however Tunnel Bear does come with a big catch. The free version of TunnelBear will only allow you 1 Gig of bandwidth in it’s free version. This limited amount of data is fine for many people who just simply wish to knock down the doors of restriction and access the internet freely, however if you wish to say, stream Netflix overseas, then this is a real problem.

Our VPN service is of a paid premium nature, however we allow you to try out 30 days absolutely free of charge. That means that you can use our fully premium service (and not a lesser version) for a month totally free of charge. We do ask that you sign up as per normal and start up a PayPal billing agreement as per normal, however the first month will be free of charge, and if you wish to use totally free of charge, simply either cancel the billing agreement yourself or email the word CANCEL to before 30 days and pay absolutely nothing, yes it really is that simple. We also offer full refunds for those who are not happy anyway, so 100% risk free on your part.

So to get started with our unlimited data UK/US/CA/EU VPN service, simply fill out your details below and get connected. Install on as many devices as you wish and will connect fine on all laptops, tablets and smart phones.