Does Using a VPN Increase Your Internet Security?

This is a question that we get asked daily. “Does using a VPN increase Internet security?”, Well the simple answer to this question is YES. When you are using the internet on a public WIFI network in places such as coffee shops and libraries, you are leaving your device and your personal data open to hackers. Anyone else who is sharing that network with you, will be able to access your data with only a little know how.

If you access the internet on a public WIFI network when using a VPN, you will have military grade encryption on your side, ensuring that your data is flowing via an encrypted tunnel that will render any potential hackers powerless.

Using a VPN is also great for accessing TV and gaming apps when you travel overseas when you travel abroad. You will be able to access British, American, Canadian and European TV and Radio apps when you are in any country in the world totally unblocked when connected to our VPN.

In addition to this, you will also be able to download MP3 files and t0rrent movies totally unblocked and 100% anonymously also as well, so that your ISP will not being able to see.

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