Do Free VPN Services Have a Catch?

We are constantly asked whether we have a ‘free’ version of our VPN service as other provides have such a thing. Well the short answer to this is… no.

Free usually comes at a price, if you offer something totally free with no strings attached, there are some hidden strings. Instead we off a free 30 days, if you wish to try out our service and stay with us after 30 days, then it is £6.99 per month, if it is not for you , quit within 30 days and pay nothing. At least offering this to new would be customers, we are giving the full premium service to try out fully, without any bandwidth restrictions.

Usually when you sign up to a free VPN provider, you are also possibly allowing spy-ware or ad-ware into your device, which can slow your device down and even more worryingly give up your sensitive data. Our VPN is totally unlimited in data, so you may stream hi def TV as long as you wish, also your data is safe with us (we keep no logs). You may also use on up to 3x devices simultaneously and switch servers as many times as you like, perfect for UK, US, CA & European TV viewing when overseas.