How to Unblock & Use KODI Anonymously

Using a KODI box has become a big thing not only in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world. Firstly we do have to state that the legalities regarding using a KODI box are totally down to the user, we merely state the technical facts, the legal ones are always down to the user!

Anyway, enough said about that… YES using a VPN if you are thinking of viewing content via a KODI box is most definitely a good idea, as it will not only allow totally anonymous viewing, but will also unblock an filtering imposed on KODI plugins.

When using a VPN, your internet traffic flow is 100% anonymous, so that your local Internet Service Provider cannot see your downloading activity and most certainly cannot send out letters to you regarding KODI use. Also many of the addon links that give KODI its usability are frequently filtered out and blocked by ISP’s and when you use a VPN, this filtering is perfectly bypassed so that you can then start to use again easily.


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