So does Netflix still unblock when using a VPN?

The question that we get asked on a daily basis is “will Netflix unblock using your VPN?”. The first response from this of course has to be from the legal standpoint that you are of course responsible for the use of the VPN, and if you infringe copyright or go against a companies terms, then the responsibility is with yourself.

But (in theory shall we say), does Netflix unblock with a VPN? well the short answer to that is yes and no. Netflix has now been built to sniff out VPN and Proxy use and you will quite often see a message from Netflix pop up on your screen if you try to access it when connected to a VPN. You can (so we are told) sign up for this and other services from overseas when connected to a US VPN server. Millions of people access TV apps from overseas when connecting to a VPN and you could argue that if they are paying for the privilege and then also paying for a VPN, well they should be allowed to access, especially if they are only on a 2 week holiday.

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