No More VPN in Russia?

This week sees the usage of VPN connections now officially banned in Russia. It is now illegal to access s the internet via a VPN, unless that particular company has been passed the new censorship programme. In reality, like the UAE and China this will only result in more people using a VPN as the inevitable happens. If you ban it, people want it more.

It is very difficult to actually trace the using of a VPN connection and if on a large scale will never be something that 99.9% of VPN users will ever have to worry about. Service such as LinkedIn being blocked in the past year or so have led to a rise in VPN use. It is illegal in many western countries to access copy-written material via a VPN and yet users do so, as this content is from overseas.

If a user wishes to access overseas TV and media content or unblock the access to social media services, then using a VPN will always be the first choice, as it is the most secure option. When you start accessing banned sites via a web based proxy, you are passing your sensitive user details and password through something that is far from safe. When you are using a VPN, the connection is not only encrypted so that your local ISP or government authority cannot see your actions, but it is also impossible for anyone to infiltrate. In contrast to the actions of the Middle Eastern countries and Russia, VPN usage is actually promoted by law enforcement agencies in the West. the British Metropolitan Police Service actually stating on-line that it is advised to use a VPN connection on your devices when on public WIFI networks in places such as coffee shops when accessing your sensitive on-line data.

So it seems that VPN use is certainly not going away any time soon.

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