We have been asked by many of our users the eastern side of the iron curtain, whether or not it is legal or illegal to use a VPN connection in China. Well At present usage is not the issue on a personal level, but on a corporate one. Some cases of VPN providers based in china being closed down, fined and even being imprisoned has certain caused some big headlines recently on the subject. But people trying to unblock Google in China will always be a thing.

In regards to westerners working in a Chinese city for some some months, using a VPN periodically to access Google, Gmail or any social media that may be blocked, well there isn’t much to worry about. Punishment for such behaviour and even being able to be found out for doing is is something which you need not worry about. Millions of users are connecting to the internet via a VPN on a daily basis in China and this will not be stopping any time soon.

More than 60 million people are accessing and watching BBC iPlayer outside of the United kingdom using a VPN service and it is thought that at least 25% of this number is in china. This number has a large chunk of western expats watching the service for entertainment, but also a lot of Chinese nationals trying to learn English by watching British rather than American television to learn.


Google is something that is ingrained in most western peoples lives now and when in China people notice just how much of a digital hindrance it becomes not being able to access Google when in china. A VPN such as ours will allow you to access Google, Bing, Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter and all of those big western services that you are used to accessing on a daily basis in the west.

Our VPN is one of the few big players that has not only not been filtered out in China, but is also unlimited in data caps. So our service is prefect for watching large amounts of TV content unblocked via a VPN server, in not only china, but all over the world.


If you would like to try out our unlimited data UK/US/CA/EU VPN service for 30 days totally free, then simply click the link below. You will need to sign up to a monthly PayPal subscription, that if you wish to stay with us is £6.99/$11.99 per month. if you wish to cancel before 30 days, you pay nothing. It really is that simple…