Watching UK TV Overseas


Accessing British TV overseas

Many people use VPN connections on a daily basis for all manner of reasons, one of these reasons is accessing TV abroad. When you are outside of your own country you will often find that TV apps on your tablets and phones no longer work as they are geographically restricted.
This is something that can fortunately be remedied by using a VPN connection. When you access apps on your devices on the internet via a VPN, your internet traffic then goes via a secure VPN server located in your country of origin, so that you then obtain an IP address from back home, masking your real location.

This technology is perfect for not only unblocking TV apps from back home, but also perfect for Radio, gaming and poker and casino services also*.



Another great use for a VPN s of course internet security. When you are connected to the internet via a VPN, you gain totally internet security and freedom. If you are on a public WIFI network such as a coffee shop or a library or hotel, then it is always advisable to use a VPN, as this stops any potential hacking from users on the same network. Some would say that the best reason of all to use a VPN is anonymity. Once you are connect to the internet via a VPN, anything you browse, download or access is strictly for your eyes only. When you download via a VPN, it is impossible for your ISP or local government authority to see what you are doing online. This anonymous freedom of the internet is particularly well valued in Middle Eastern and other Asian countries where the laws on social media and human rights in general are far more conservative in the west.

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