They say that money walks and bulls*t talks, well when it comes to VPN’s that may very well be true. The word ‘dedicated’ is used now quite often when describing VPN accounts. The standard for a VPN is Dynamic, which basically means that your flow is shared with other users. This sharing of IP protocol does not affect you or your security at all, it however cause some minor issues.

If you have a dynamic VPN account activated and you open up Google, you will see that sometimes the text is in Arabic. This is due to many VPN users being in the Middle East and the last user on that IP being in say Dubai, so Google sees you as being in that location also. Another annoyance to using dynamic IP VPN accounts is that some TV networks now block their apps to dynamic traffic, such as ITV Hub. You may still use ITV Hub via http web browser on devices, just it will not unblock the app via dynamic sometimes. With a Dedicated static IP VPN account you have a far greater chance of unblocking all that you require online.

If you are only using a VPN occasionally then a dynamic account is perfect, however if you are using this very often and are wanting to unlock as much as possible, then a dedicated static IP VPN account is essential.

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