A static IP VPN is something that is being discussed frequently on VPN forums as many VPN users are now making the leap. For a few bucks or pounds extra, VPN users can upgrade and have a dedicated static IP address.

The first obvious use is that if a person using the same dynamic service as you has been blocked on say a forum, then you are blocked also. If you are trying to access a TV service that has had that line of IP addresses blocked on it, then this will also be a problem. You will also notice when using dynamic VPN accounts that Google will slip into an Arabic backdrop, right aligning itself at random. This can happen due to the fact that most VPN usage is via the Middle East and Google can get ‘confused’ by this.

If you have a Dedicated VPN connected to your device, your IP will be yours and yours only. This is by far the best way of unblocking geo restricted apps and if you are using the internet on a regular basis overseas, then this is a no brainer, as services such as ITV Hub will now only unblock via Static.

You will also notice a slight increase in speed as the ping is more simple and this is always a better choice for regular TV watching abroad.

We are currently offer a static IP VPN account for a year for the same price as dedicated when you enter coupon BETTEROFF, this is a pretty good deal that will not be around for long, and so why not grab it and have a full access VPN account.


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