Well if you want a VPN that is cheaper than Nord VPN, that is quite easy. Nord are great no knocking them, but they are not cheap. When you see the price £2.49 or $3.49 advertised on the televiosn adverts, this is only if you are willing top fork out for 3 years worth of VPn credit at once, otherwise it is nearly £10 per month.

They are based in Panama and so no tax, no laws does equal money for a large telveiosn advertisement budget. Big is good sometimes, however if you are wanting to unblock TV apps from overseas then you want a VPN provider that is small in size so that it has not had its IP range blocked by companies such as the BBC.

We pride ourselves at being a fairly small VPN provider here at VPN01. we are UK based and proudly pay our UK taxes. Are we technically within 5 eyes, yes, but why are you trying to do something dodgy? If not then why would you care? If you use a UK registered VPN service then at least you know that your data is safe, something that cannot be guaranteed if you are using a VPN provider that is based in a small independent central American nation.

CHEP VPN – Well if you want a cheap VPN deal then look no further. We can offer you a month for just £0.01 or $0.01 by simply following the link and when purchasing a month enter the promo code PENNY and pay just 0.01 for a month.

If you would like a cheap year, well contact us via our website here and we can send you out a nice little discount on your yearly.