How to unblock Canadian apps with a VPN from Canada


If you are from Canada and want to unblock Canadian apps when overseas then, well a Canadian VPN is the way to go (duh).

In addition to our UK, US, EU and middle eastern server, we decided to add a Canadian one. Well Canadians are similar to Aussies when it comes to going walkabout, Canadians are everywhere and this is for there good reasons 1. A Canadian passport gets you in lots of places 2. Canadians have money and 3. Its way too cold for like 6 months of the year.

If you have a VPN installed on your device one of the bonuses to this is the fact that you can unlock apps from the country of origin where that server is located. Canadian TV is pretty naff by international standards, and why would it need to be good. Most Canadians live within UHF broadcast distance to the united states of America which of course spends more on TV output than any other country in the world.

There is more than just TV apps though that you may want. If you use Canadian poker or casino apps these will not work outside of Canada and so using a VPN is pretty good for when abroad.

When you connect to our Canadian VPN server you will be able to access Canadian TV apps, Canadian gaming apps and, well anything else that is geographically locked to canuk only IP addresses.


Those Crazy Non English (Or French) Talking Foreign Savages

If you want to purchase something in Canadian dollars when abroad it is also a good idea. In fact when you leave you native country behind there are a ton of reasons why you would need to have an ip address from back home on occasion. How annoying is it when you are in one of those crazy pig latin-tongued countries where when you pull up google and it is set to crazy talk language?? (we jest).

Yes it is good to use a VPN when abroad not just for accessing services from back home but also, well to not get robbed. When you are in that seedy bar in Bangkok using their public Wi-Fi to check how much money you have left in the bank, you really do need to be connecting to the internet via a VPN, or else someone may well be sniffing out your data packets (and stealing your data).

Yes when you use a VPN you will connect to the internet via an encrypted tunnel so that hackers cannot sniff out your data packets and then steal your data. This is a bigger thing than you would think as it is actually pretty rife in common Wi-Fi locations. You will also be able to hide your tracks online so that you can download and browse til your heart is content without your local ISP seeing what you are up to. This also applies to those who do not want google seeing what they are up to.



Yes all in all using a VPN is well worth it if you are on the internet quite often and especially if you are travelling around and using public Wi-Fi hotspots. Our prices are roughly half the usual price at £4.99 per month and the days of the pound being big are long over (thanks Boris) and so that will only set you back about 7 or 8 canuk buckaroonies at the current exchange rate and so that is quite a lot cheaper than all of the big VPN providers based out of Toronto. Yes most of the big players out there who have millions of customers rather than just a few thousand like us are Canadian. Express VPN are Canadian and of course tunnel bear are Canadian too also (hence the bear). They may give you dozens of Canadian VPN servers but surely you only need one of two? They are also around $12 per month unless you want to pay for 3 years upfront. Anyway if you are interested in paying 15% less you can always enter the coupon MATESRATES and pay about $50 Canadian bucks for a year upfront.

If you have any questions about just what the VPN can do for you, click contact us and we will be of assistance to you. British VPN servers are our mainstay as, well we are British, but we have servers based in the united states, Canada and several countries throughout the European union. We even have a server in Israel. Yes you do not need thousands of servers and so we did not go down that route, instead we have a few dozen servers located around the world, and they are fast. They are also unlimited in data caps and so you will not be cut off half way through streaming that 4k content off of BBC iPlayer from the UK when you are in Australia, for example.

Yes if you want to unblock all things Canadian when you are outside of the great white north, this is certainly worth considering. Hey even the Canukphiles (yes that is a word), south of the border often want to see what is happening above the 49th parallel and use a Canadian VPN server too, bizarrely.