The Best UK VPN Coupons


If you are wanting a UK VPN for use outside or inside the UK then you are going to want a reasonably priced product. Our VPN is a straight £4.99 a month via PayPal and comes without any strings attached, This is a pretty good deal already we feel as you will see that getting a monthly account from Nord is £9.68 per month and Express VPN is $12.95 per month (which works out to well over a £10 with the dodgy Brexit exchange rate at the time of writing).

We can also snip off a little more if you add the coupon MATESRATES at 15% off for the first 2 payment runs.


We are half of the price of our competitors and to be honest, if you want thousands of servers to choose from and a customized app for every single different device that you have then going with one of the bigger players with the bigger price tag to match is most probably the way to go. If you simply need a UK/US/CA/EU/IL VPN for 3x devices simultaneous and uncapped in data usage then we are certainly worth trying out.

Our service is 100% fully refundable if not entirely happy and can quit at any time via either us or with PayPal.