Using a VPN in the UAE


Why would you want to use a VPN when in the United Arab Emirates? Seriously, this place is a real Marmite destination as you either love it or hate it. A million degrees in the shade, the sky is never blue but a sandy colour and first world is only a block away from third world. Not really everyone’s cup of tea but there are a lot of visitors there.

If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Dubai, use twitter in Abu Dhabi or use Skype in Al Ain, then you will be needing a VPN in order to do this. A VPN will allow you to unblock an access all social media applications in the Middle East totally anonymously, so that not only will you be able to use them but no one will know either. Using a VPN is something that is frowned upon by the local government and can land you with a fine and so do your home work first.

When you have a VPN from us you will be able to access UK, USA, Canadian and European servers so that content from each of these regions will be unblocked when in the UAE. It is fair to say that the largest demographic of people in the Middle East after south Asian workers and Arabs are western expats. People from Europe and north America living in the middle east use VPN’s on a daily basis.

Having an anonymous internet connection that is secure also and giving you the possibility to access television applications from back home when you are in the Middle East. It is possible to watch UK TV shows on OSN network in the region but this is often out of date and a little tired. American TV is of course also reachable via a VPN. When you have a VPN account from us you will be able to access all UK & USA TV apps unblocked without any issues. Always remember however to switch off location services as if you still have GPS running this can cause an issue and still give away your location even when using a VPN, this is pretty easy to do though.


Using a free VPN service may be a viable option for you and we do offer a limited time free trial for 2 days. This is great for a few things here and there but is not good for those who need a VPN to unblock TV apps. Most free VPN solutions offer only a few hundred megabytes per month and this is not good for TV watching as it will only last for a few minutes or an hour at the most. With VPN01 our VPN is uncapped and so it will not run out at all on you. When you have an account from us you wil be able to watch HD and even 4K content from BBC, ITV, NBC and all foreign TV applications in the UAE without your data running out.

All in all a VPN is always a must when living in a Middle Eastern country, especially the United Arab Emirate, who knows you may wish to Skype home soon.