Using a VPN when in Pakistan


Many people now use a VPN when in Pakistan as the local internet filtering can be quite troublesome. Home to just under 200 million people, Pakistan is quite a sizeable county and the people are getting richer. For a few dollars per month a Pakistani internet user can bypass and unblock all local internet filtering and use the apps and websites that would otherwise be totally blocked off. If you like to access SKYPE or other VOIP applications in Pakistan this can be a problem as they are filtered. When you have a VPN running VOIP and social media apps will start to work again. It is very annoying when even major services such as WordPress are banned in Pakistan.

Every person on the planet deserves the right to freedom of speech and Pakistanis should be no different. If you wish to bypass censorship then a VPN is the way to go in PK. People who wish to freely Blog and say what they wish on social media should be allowed to do so and when you access the internet via a VPN this is more than possible. When you access the internet using PRIVATRAX VPN, nether you ISP or local government authorities will be able to see that you are doing so, this is pretty important really.

Blogging via a VPN will ensure that your identity ha been kept a secret and so you should not be bothered by anyone in your country for doing so.

Watching British TV apps is a popular reason for having a VPN account in Pakistan also as there is a strong link between the UK and Pakistan as English is of course an official language in Pakistan. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in Pakistan then this can be done (with permission) via a UK VPN service. Many British and American TV shows will air on local TV networks but these are very limited and dated.

If you want freedom online and also the option of watching British and American TV apps and websites in Pakistan then a VPN service is certainly the best option for you.


Our VPN is £4.99 per month and you can grab the first month for £0.01 by simply visiting 000 and then entering the promo code PENNY. Our VPN is totally uncapped in data and will allow access to our VPN servers located in England, America, Canada and continental Europe also. We have had many users from the south Asian and Middle Eastern regions for many years for the very reasons mentioned. A PRIVATRAX / VPN01 account will easily install on all laptops, tablets and smart phones as well as smart routers. A smart router is a great idea for VPN users as it sits all of your devices behind a VPN connection so that you are fully covered all around the home.

If you want to use Facebook, Instagram and all of the major social media applications when in Pakistan you will be needing a VPN as virtually everything seems to be blocked in the country now. The piece of mind that comes from being able to say and do as you please when online is vital in 2019 and if you have a few dollars to spend per month on a premium VPN then we can be of assistance. Free VPN versions are pretty limited in content as they only allow a few megabytes per month.