Watch ITV Hub Outside of the UK

If you want to watch ITV Hub abroad then using a VPN is certainly the best way of doing this. When you are abroad and try out the apps on your phone such as TV apps, you will see a message saying that this service is unavailable in your area. This is annoying for those wanting to watch some TV online when they have down time but fortunately can be easily remedied.

The reason why you see these messages is because the TV app can see that your IP address is not in the United Kingdom and so will not give you access. This can be fixed by changing your IP address. When you use a VPN, this switches your IP address and also the country location of your IP if you want it to. If you use a VPN server that is located in the United Kingdom, your location will show as London when you could be in Sydney. This is a very handy element to having a VPN installed on your device as it will unblock not only ITV Hub, but BBC iPlayer and all other UK TV services when away.

So if you want to watch Coronation Street outside UK or any other of the popular TV shows aired on ITV abroad then a VPN in certainly the way to go.

Many Brits who are living outside of the United Kingdom use a VPN for this purpose, but for many other reasons also. When you use a VPN you not only have the advantage of being able to access TV apps in other countries, but will also be able to enjoy the security and anonymity that it brings also. When you are using a VPN, your Internet data is being passed via an encrypted tunnel, so that it is impossible for hackers to sniff your data packets and steal your data. This is something that has to be seriously considered when using public WIFI networks as many of us do when overseas.



Anonymity is a big thing also, as when using a VPN, anything that you say or do online is strictly your eyes only, as it hides your tracks.

IPTV is something that people use to access TV channels from abroad when they are living somewhere permanent, but this is often limited and you can only view this when you are at home. Using a VPN will unblock not only UK TV apps but USA TV apps also, great for watching American TV shows before they air elsewhere. Netflix (the original USA version) will unblock with a VPN account outside of the US but only if you use a static dedicated IP VPN account. We do server up dedicated VPN accounts to our customers now and although we have to charge double, it is more than worth it for some people. When you have dedicated there is a far greater chance of all TV applications unblocking as the IP range will most likely not be blocked by any providers out there.



If you have a handheld device when abroad, have a VPN account running and are still not getting the TV apps to work, then GPS might be the issue. If you do not switch off location services on your device then your GPS system can still give your location away and this will then feed back your real location even if you are using a VPN. It is pretty simple to switch off GPS in the location services section in network settings on most devices fortunately.

Roaming data is something to be careful of as when you are abroad (even in the EU now), these roaming charges that went away may be back again for Brits now that the EU days are behind us. If you watching an ITV box set online via a VPN abroad using your 4G then this can quickly become expensive, so be careful of that one.

PRIVATRAX (VPN01) has always been popular with British people living overseas as it s one of the few service out there that unblocks in the region of 90-95% of TV services from abroad when anywhere in the world. If you want to give the service a try before you buy, instead of only giving away a few megabytes like some companies do for free trials, we offer unlimited data for 5 minute connection times for 48 hours, enough time to test out whether TV apps will unblock for you first before you try. To try out our free trial service, simply click here.

If you want to unblock BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or any of the non terrestrial services online such as Sky and UKTVPlay when outside of the United Kingdom, then a UK VPN is most certainly the best way of doing so, so long as you have the permission to do so of course.