What is the cheapest VPN deal?


Everyone wants cheap, that is the big rule of capitalism that we all know. Cheaper and better than the rest is what people want. Well is our VPN the cheapest VPN deal out there? We are £4.99 monthly and £49.99 annually. Considering nord and express VPN are roughly double this we are pretty cheap. The honest downside to us is that we are small and those guys are huge. If you want millions of servers to choose from and dozens of app variations then we suggest that you go with one of the big players. If you want a few servers to choose from in the major countries like the USA, UK, Canada and a few places scattered around the EU, then we are a good option.

Our service is cheap, simple to use and will unblock a lot more services abroad than the big players anyway, because we are small. Being small is great as you do not get blocked that often and it is quick to make some changes when you do. If you want to watch British TV abroad then our UK VPN servers are perfect for this. You can access BBC, ITV and all other British only apps and websites abroad with it (as permission first though). USA TV content is also equally as easy to reach outside of Yankee doodle land with our range of USA based VPN servers.

Some strange people out there have a penchant for Canadian TV and this is also reachable with our Canadian server. Using a VPN is not just about unblocking tv though of course, it is ultimately about your security online. When you use a VPN you can have a piece of mind that no hackers can infiltrate your data and you can also download and browse til your heart is content without anyone ever knowing what you were looking at. This is not suggesting that you wish to look at things online that you should not, it is so that you may live your life without google having a record of when you last broke wind.



Privacy is a big concern nowadays and rightly so. Downloading mp3 files or movie files is a little old hat now with streaming, but some people still want files locally. If you are downloading music and movies online you really should have a VPN running as this will prevent your ISP from being able to see what you are up to. A few years back it was difficult to install a VPN on certain devices but now it is very simple. It really does pay to have a VPN running on your devices when on public Wi-Fi because otherwise hackers can steal your data and this is a real problem for many. If you are in a hotel bedroom in a complex that has hundreds of people connecting to the same Wi-Fi network, then anyone on that network can potentially steal your data by sniffing the data packets for long enough



Cheaper than Nord?

Yes as mentioned we are £4.99 and they are just under £10 and the choice is yours. The reason why you see adverts from VPN companies on TV now is the same reason why you see GoDaddy adverts, they charge roughly double what they need to after promotions finish and so therefore can afford to pay out for expensive television adverts. There really is not a need to have thousands of VPN servers to choose from and probably only 1% f their customers ever use any more than a few of them. If you want to watch UK/USA TV then our VPN is fine. If you want to gain internet security and anonymity then we are perfect for that also, the choice is yours.

Our von also can run on as many devices as you like and you can have 1 account running on 3x devices simultaneously so you only really need one account from us, and at £4.99 monthly, it really should not break the bank (or PayPal account). All payments are run via PayPal so you can cancel at any time. We also offer refunds f you are not entirely happy. This is a technology that has been around since 1995 and yet ha only been something that has been spoken about recently. Using a VPN 20 years ago was only for office workers to log into their work servers. 10 year ago it was used mostly for people to watch BBC iPlayer abroad and Netflix abroad also (before they expanded globally). Nowadays a VPN is used mostly for security and anonymity. If you want to download and browse without prying eyes and ultimately without eyes that can steal from you, then a VPN is certainly the way to go.

If you ever have any questions regarding our VPN service then click contact us and we can be of assistance. You can install easily on pretty much all devices that connect to the internet and so there is now no issues with what devices you can use it with. Making things nice and simple.