Watching Netflix abroad with a VPN

Is watching Netflix abroad still possible?

Well a few years ago no one but the Yankee doodles had access to Netflix and that was about it really. A few years later and international versions were being rolled out everywhere. This is great that you can now finally watch Netflix in 190 countries around the world, but is this really a good thing?

When Netflix was confined to the USA only the only way that you could watch it was to watch the USA only version in your country via a VPN. This meant paying for a VPN as well as Netflix but it did have one massive advantage… content.

When you watch the USA version of Netflix you get the whole bag of Netflix . This means that some content that is USA only licensed will show only on American versions of Netflix which is no good.

When you were in say Australia which was huge for this, people would download a UK VPN and then download and register the USA version of Netflix , so that they could watch USA Netflix in its full glory on the other side of the world. This practice was great but the only downside was that you could not watch regional content (like those awful Australian home grown comedy’s), but you got to watch American content well before anyone else outside the land of the free would be able to.



This practice is still possible and some will swear by it (ask permission first though). Some VPN solutions will be sniffed out by Netflix but if you use a dedicated VPN service then this will not be a problem as the IP range will not be blocked by Netflix .

Using a VPN is great for overseas TV watching as many people have found out over the years. This has declined a little over the years as people now just watch local Netflix and make do with it. Some are keen still though to get the regional versions of TV apps working in their location.

BBC iPlayer with a VPN

If you want to access BBC iPlayer outside of the UK, the same principle applies as if you want to watch Netflix USA outside of the states, use a VPN… when you use a UK VPN servers instead of a US VPN server you will be able to unblock BBC iPlayer outside of England and watch it in locations such as Australia and Canada without having to use the limited local BBC content provider. BBC iPlayer is great for watch you would imagine, the best of British television.

In addition to the Beeb, ITV hub and channel 4’s all4 are 2 great other UK TV applications that broadcast British TV content to the masses in blighty and are well worth checking out if you are connected to a UK VPN server. British TV is definitely a close second to the USA for content output quality as Brits are renowned for quality production. Classic British comedy’s such as only fools and horses have become world famous and have led many Anglophiles around the world to tune into British comedy shows online wherever possible.

Using a VPN to gain access to British and American television apps when on the other side of the world can be a great way to watch quality TV content for only a few bucks per month as it opens the doors to a wide range of TV shows that may have passed you by otherwise. Peep show is a great contemporary British comedy that has gained a cult following in places throughout the world and can be viewed via the all4 application when using a UK VPN provider.

We offer both dynamic and dedicated VPN solutions so that you have the choice of both. Dynamic s great for general use but dedicated is the one to go for if you want total unblocking power, as this is almost certainly guaranteed to unblock all TV apps due to the fact that the IP range will not be blocked by any of them. If you wish to speak to us at any time regarding connection to TV apps when using a VPN, feel free to click contact us and get the conversation flowing. Remember to ask permission though!