Watching BritBox Abroad Outside the UK


If you want to watch BritBox outside of the united kingdom or north America then you will need a VPN*. This app along with many other British TV apps is geographically locked and so will not ordinarily work when you are abroad. When you have a UK VPN running on your laptop, tablet or smart phone you will be able to unblock and access BritBox, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other UK TV apps without any interruptions*.

Many British people use VPN accounts to watch TV when on holiday as this great technology allows restrictions to be lifted. Our VPN is used for many reasons, another reason besides watch TV is security of course. When you use our VPN you will be able to have an almost military grade encrypted connection to the internet without the risk of anyone infiltrating your data packets.

BritBox is yet another TV player joining the now crowded market, join Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Disney in the race to take your money and entertain you. If you would like to enjoy this content outside of the uk and north America then you can do so via any of our up VPN servers*. When you switch to our usa and Canadian servers this will also work (but for their versions).

If you want premium TV content unblocked anywhere in the world then using a VPN on your devices is certainly the way to go. BBC iPlayer has been around for 12 years now and itv hub has been around for roughly the same amount of time and have served up some great British tv content. The aim of BritBox is to follow in these footsteps by having an extensive back catalogue of British TV shows from the past that people can quickly access. The success of shows like friends have proved popular of Netflix, showing that people still want to see the classics, no doubt many people will start to use BritBox for watching tv shows like only fools and horses from the past.

Countries such as Australia and new Zealand are full of British expat people and yet do not yet have access to BritBox and so will need to use a VPN in order to watch this down under. Many people will want access to this, particularly if they are originally from Britain.

Our VPN is one of the few that unblocks all of the major TV apps and so is popular with British expats when they are abroad. Many young British people now use a VPN when travelling and is essential not just for tv watching but also for security. When you are on public wifi networks then it really is advisable to be using a VPN as this will prevent hackers from being able to sniff out your private data. Also of course when you use a VPN no one can see what you are doing online and so you may download movies and music as much as you like.

We are cheap compared to some of the others out there, as we only charge a straight £4.99 per month for our VPN, simply billed when using paypal. Seeing as most VPN providers charged close to £10 per month, we think that we are offering a pretty good deal, if you bill annually or biannually then things get even cheaper still.

If you have any questions at all regarding connection then please click contact us and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.