Watching BBC iPlayer when in France

Many British people live in France due to its close proximity to the united kingdom and so there will always be an expat population (as well as many tourist of course).

If you want to access the apps on your phone when in France then you may have some issues though. If you want to watch BBC iPlayer in France, then you will need a UK VPN running on your device. A VPN will switch your French IP address for that of one from the UK so that not only the BBC will start to work but ITV and betting services like bet365 and paddypower.

When you have a VPN running on your devices you will not only be able to access services such as BBC iPlayer abroad, but you will also be have secure and anonymous internet. This means that you will be able to download what you want without anyone seeing. Also you will be secure from hackers being able to steal your data packets when on the same WIFI network.

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