Many people are starting to get sick of not being able to leave their homes throughout the world and although this now may be easing off the need for something new to watch on the idiot box is now greater than ever. OK Australia has Netflix now and this has allowed a choice from the god awful choice on Foxtel, but some want more. In places such as Joondalup where the city population is almost 45% British born, people want some more British flavour.

If you want access to the wide range of British TV apps when in Australia such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 an Britbox, you will need a UK IP address. A UK IP address will show you devices as being in the United Kingdom rather that Australia and this allows access to all UK online services that would otherwise be blocked in your location.

A VPN account is something that gives each of your devices a UK IP address when in any country in the world and will allow you to download and stream all UK TV applications. Our VPN service is one of the few that not only still unblocks BBC iPlayer outside of the UK but has no data limits, so that you can stream HD content without any time limits. When you have a VPN you will have to do a few other things, but they are pretty straight forward. You need to switch off GPS location services as this can still show where you are. You also need to switch your store country location to the UK so that you can download UK apps in Australia, you can then switch back to the AU store after these have been downloaded.

Doing this and running a UK VPN on your devices will allow free and easy access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all other British TV applications. Britbox costs a little extra as a premium (UK only) service (not usually available in Australia), but is well worth paying for and unblocking with a UK VPN in Australia as it has loads of British content on there to watch.

If you want to try out our VPN really cheaply follow the link and enter the coupon AUSSIE and pay just £29.99 for a year instead of the usual £49.99 for a years VPN, probably the cheapest deal out there that you will find. Remember that others (such as Nord), may seem cheap, but after that first year you will be paying $12 per month one way or another, where as we do not hold you and you will never pay any more than £4.99 even after coupon deals end.