Keeping Your Online TRAX PRIVAte


The VPN01 Network was an idea that was thought of just under 10 years ago. Most VPN providers were owned by big faceless corporations on the other side of the planet and were awful to get in touch with should you need to. We were regular VPN users and we did not like what we were using and so we thought that it was time for change.

We wanted to offer a friendly VPN solution that catered to those from the UK who had moved to sunnier climates and wanted a reliable VPN service that could offer what they wanted. We have servers located throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and throughout continental Europe also. When connected to our VPN servers you get a secure and anonymous connection to the world, PRIVAtey and without leaving any tracks (or TRAX, if you want to be fancy with your words as we did).

A VPN will also allow you to open up the restrictions that you may come across when trying to access websites and applications from other countries, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Netflix or other TV apps from the UK and the states when abroad, (always check that you are allowed to do so though of course).

Our VPN is a simple £4.99 per month and runs via monthly PayPal payments. This can be cancelled at any time without contracts and we even offer a free money back if not happy, so no risk on your part. If you have any questions regarding the service you can always contact us and we will answer all of your questions.


As well as adding some new VPN servers to our system all of the time, we are also looking at other ways that we can help our users. Many of our customers are small business owners, and so we have brought out some online products to help them. In 2017 we launched the domain names and web hosting side of our business under the name of Net4U. This has helped hundreds of existing customers and many new ones in creating new WordPress websites professionally developed and hosted here in the UK.

In fact all of our staff are UK based and we are very proud of that fact, helping you all gain total Internet freedom wherever you are. So if ever you are in a less vocally free country and see a sign saying “This site is blocked” when online, then you know who to see 🙂