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UK VPN for British Apps and Website Services Abroad


Be British Anywhere!

As Brits ourselves, we know taht it is frustrating when you go on holiday or on a business trip away and half of the apps on your phone and tablet simply stop working. The reason for this is that most applicatoins (especially TV and gaming apps) are geo locked, so that if you show as having a non UK IP address on your device, then



. SEE 50% OFF DEAL (ends soon).

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We at VPN01 are now offering previous customers the chance to get their account back up and running again for just £1.50 ($1.98). Yes this is for a non commitment subscription free 30 days unlimited connection UK/US/EU VPN account, quite possibly the cheapest deal on the internet!
Our VPN service is now well renewed as one of the few left in the market place that still fully unblocks BBC, ITV & all other British & American TV players no matter what country you may be located in.
Simply click on the button below and complete purchase in PayPal, once this is done you will be activated once again.
We also offer a 100% full money back refund within 24 hours of notice if not totally happy. If you have any questions then please contact Contact Us

Want more that just the month? Why not try out our 365 days unlimited UK/US/EU VPN account for just £29.99 ($39.66)

The best deal of all… FREE
Yes that’s right, if you recommend our service to a friend this month and they purchase a 365 days account with us, simply e-mail us their name and we will credit you with a full year totally free!

Pay for one year in Australian Dollars for $79.99

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Russian VPN Use Now Banned

No More VPN in Russia?
This week sees the usage of VPN connections now officially banned in Russia. It is now illegal to access s the internet via a VPN, unless that particular company has been passed the new censorship programme. In reality, like the UAE and China this will only result in more people using a VPN as the inevitable happens. If you ban it, people want it more.
It is very difficult to actually trace the using of a VPN connection and if on a large scale will never be something that 99.9% of VPN users will ever have to worry about. Service such as LinkedIn being blocked in the past year or so have led to a rise in VPN use. It is illegal in many western countries to access copy-written material via a VPN and yet users do so, as this content is from overseas.
If a user wishes to access overseas TV and media content or unblock the access to social media services, then using a VPN will always be the first choice, as it is the most secure option. When you start accessing banned sites via a web based proxy, you are passing your sensitive user details and password through something that is far from safe. When you are using a VPN, the connection is not only encrypted so […]

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Canadian VPN Service Now Available


Oh Canada!
In recent months we have had a lot of requests for a Canadian VPN server to be added to our list of VPN servers. So with a VPN01 account from us you can now access all Canada only servers online anywhere on the globe.
CBC,  CTV , Global & all other Canadian TV services will be reachable on all of your devices totally unblocked anywhere when the CA VPN is installed and active.
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Well the iron curtain may have come down a generation ago but life in Russia still has its issues with privacy/freedom. LINKEDIN was recently banned and so therefore its 4 MILLION users in the Russian Federation no longer have access to their accounts.
If you have a VPN account from us, you will not only be able to again access once again to your LinkedIn account on any device, but your access to this will be 100% completely anonymous too.
Microsoft recently paid $26BN for LinkedIn and if you divide that by 450 million users, that makes it the highest ‘value-per-user’ website out there, so certainly a clear indication of how valuable LinkedIn users really are.
A VPN account is not only a no-brainer for LinkedIn user when in Russia, but is also the perfect add on to any device for access British & American TV apps like the Beeb & Fox abroad. Our VPN runs with a rolling monthly PayPal subscription and is contract free so can be cancelled at any time. SEE 50% OFF DEAL (ends soon).

Simply select currency below and get connected!


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Register Your FREE VPN Trial Account


The VPN01 Network is one of the leading names in the VPN market for helping expats unblock regional restrictions when travelling overseas. If you are living in a country where many online services are blocked and filtered, our VPN will remove these restrictions (& anonymously too).
If you are outside of the United Kingdom or United States and which to access UK & US TV apps/websites, then this is perfect for you also (Great for iPlayer). This VPN service is easily installable on any laptop, tablet, smart phone or smart TV device and best of all for the whole month of November is absolutely free to try!

Simply enter your details below and get connected!


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Are Free VPN Accounts Dangerous? Our Verdict

So, you get what you pay for in life right? well usually yes and if you are not paying anything it is usually for a reason. If you are wanting a quick solution to hide your tracks on-line or mask your IP address, then yes a free VPN may be for you. There are many free alternatives out there, but f you wish to use a VPN more than just very occasionally free isn’t the way forward.
Free VPN providers give away their service free as they make their money from adware, spyware and by just generally offering a very slow and limited connection service. There are even some VPN providers who log your surfing activity and sometimes even sell the information on.
There are some VPN providers who offer ‘free for the first 48 hours’ but most (like ourself) will not offer this as it is a system that often gets abused by hackers and malicious Internet users. We believe rather than offering a limited free trial, we can offer one a one off non commitment month for half price at just £3.95 (cheapest on the market). If you like our service you can join our rolling monthly subscription or purchase a year upfront at a discount.
Our VPN service is always unlimited bandwidth and connection time as standard so […]

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Unblock YouTube, Facebook and Twitter When in Turkey

Well Turkey may be one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East region in many respects, however it still has it flaws. In recent months moves have been made to block YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other social media services throughout the whole of Turkey.
A country of 74 million people not having access to social media is somewhat a problem for millions. You will fortunately be able to bypass these restrictions and gain full access to these services such as YouTube once again in Turkey. Best of all your access to them will be 100% anonymous too.
Our VPN service will unblock all regional Internet restrictions. When you have an account with us, you will be able to install on any laptop, tablet, smart-phone or TV device that you have and connect to any one of our multiple UK/US/EU VPN servers. This technology is easy to install and gives you complete 100% fully unblocked access to all of the Internet. An account with us is also perfect for accessing UK/US apps anywhere too.
To get started, simply click on our 50% off discounted button below for a 90 days unlimited connection UK/US/EU VPN account.

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Black Friday VPN Deal (A Little While Longer)

Well the over-saturated world that is ‘Black Friday’ and then in turn ‘Cyber Monday’, well we offer a high quality service and at a reasonable price too. If you have an account with us you will be able to access our VPN servers in the USA, UK & in multiple locations throughout continental Europe. Bets of all we do not ‘cap’ how long you can connect for, perfect for TV watching overseas.
Our usual pricing structure is £6.99 GBP / $11.99 USD / A$13.99 a month for rolling subscription via PayPal, however if you purchase a year upfront, things get a little cheaper.
As its December and we at the VPN01 Network are starting to feel a little ‘akwardly’ festive around the office, here is a coupon code that will make things even cheaper for you. Get it while it lasts by clicking the link below. Don’t forget if you have any questions, you can contact us any time at support@vpn01.com

UK US EU VPN Super Coupon Deal 50% Discount

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To wish all former customers of ours a great New Year, we are giving you the best VPN deal yet ever given.
We are giving you a premium unlimited access UK/US/EU VPN account for 90 days for less than a fiver! (just £4.99).
When connected you will be able to gain instant and easy access to all British, American & European Television websites and applications in any country in the world totally unblocked. In addition to this all gaming, casino and locally banned websites unrestricted too.
This service will work perfectly on any device and you can now connect on up to 3 at a time, perfect for the coming New Years Telly!
To join, simply click the button below
If you are an existing customer, click below also and this credit of 90 days will be added to your existing account credit. Any questions feel free to contact us at support@vpn01.com

Hurry This deal will only be around for the next 48 hours!


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