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Access Blocked Kodi Add-Ons With a VPN

It is widely know now that ISP’s in the UK, US & EU now routinely block the more popular KODI add-ons. This is frustrating for many KODI users and makes the service pretty much unusable.

Fortunately there is a simple way around this. If you purchase a VPN enabled router (currently around £49 on eBay) you can purchase a VPN account from us and this will then install easily on a VPN enabled router and unblock all KODI restrictions. better still using a VPN is 100% totally anonymous, so your ISP will never see what you are watching, browsing or downloading.

A VPN is always advisable when using KODI as most western ISP’s do keep logs of frequent KODI use (when not using a VPN) and at any time these can be handed over to local authorities, which can lead to all manner of troubles *.

We currently have an amazing deal, pay absolutely nothing for 30 days!

Simply visit our homepage and follow the instructions https://www.vpn01.com

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How to Unblock & Use KODI Anonymously
Using a KODI box has become a big thing not only in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world. Firstly we do have to state that the legalities regarding using a KODI box are totally down to the user, we merely state the technical facts, the legal ones are always down to the user!

Anyway, enough said about that… YES using a VPN if you are thinking of viewing content via a KODI box is most definitely a good idea, as it will not only allow totally anonymous viewing, but will also unblock an filtering imposed on KODI plugins.

When using a VPN, your internet traffic flow is 100% anonymous, so that your local Internet Service Provider cannot see your downloading activity and most certainly cannot send out letters to you regarding KODI use. Also many of the addon links that give KODI its usability are frequently filtered out and blocked by ISP’s and when you use a VPN, this filtering is perfectly bypassed so that you can then start to use again easily.
We at the VPN01 Network are currently offering 30 DAYS FREE for each of our VPN accounts, perfect for those who wish to fully test our our service without paying a penny. If you wish to be a regularly user after […]

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Do Free VPN Services Have a Catch?
We are constantly asked whether we have a ‘free’ version of our VPN service as other provides have such a thing. Well the short answer to this is… no.

Free usually comes at a price, if you offer something totally free with no strings attached, there are some hidden strings. Instead we off a free 30 days, if you wish to try out our service and stay with us after 30 days, then it is £6.99 per month, if it is not for you , quit within 30 days and pay nothing. At least offering this to new would be customers, we are giving the full premium service to try out fully, without any bandwidth restrictions.

Usually when you sign up to a free VPN provider, you are also possibly allowing spy-ware or ad-ware into your device, which can slow your device down and even more worryingly give up your sensitive data. Our VPN is totally unlimited in data, so you may stream hi def TV as long as you wish, also your data is safe with us (we keep no logs). You may also use on up to 3x devices simultaneously and switch servers as many times as you like, perfect for UK, US, CA & European TV viewing when overseas.

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Free VPN Without The Limits?
TunnelBear is a VPN used by millions of people out there who want a quick fix ‘free’ VPN solution to bypass restrictions when overseas. This is great for many and is easy to find the the Appstore, however Tunnel Bear does come with a big catch. The free version of TunnelBear will only allow you 1 Gig of bandwidth in it’s free version. This limited amount of data is fine for many people who just simply wish to knock down the doors of restriction and access the internet freely, however if you wish to say, stream Netflix overseas, then this is a real problem.

Our VPN service is of a paid premium nature, however we allow you to try out 30 days absolutely free of charge. That means that you can use our fully premium service (and not a lesser version) for a month totally free of charge. We do ask that you sign up as per normal and start up a PayPal billing agreement as per normal, however the first month will be free of charge, and if you wish to use totally free of charge, simply either cancel the billing agreement yourself or email the word CANCEL to support@vpn01.com before 30 days and pay absolutely nothing, yes it really is that simple. We also […]

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Does Using a VPN Increase Your Internet Security?
This is a question that we get asked daily. “Does using a VPN increase Internet security?”, Well the simple answer to this question is YES. When you are using the internet on a public WIFI network in places such as coffee shops and libraries, you are leaving your device and your personal data open to hackers. Anyone else who is sharing that network with you, will be able to access your data with only a little know how.

If you access the internet on a public WIFI network when using a VPN, you will have military grade encryption on your side, ensuring that your data is flowing via an encrypted tunnel that will render any potential hackers powerless.

Using a VPN is also great for accessing TV and gaming apps when you travel overseas when you travel abroad. You will be able to access British, American, Canadian and European TV and Radio apps when you are in any country in the world totally unblocked when connected to our VPN.

In addition to this, you will also be able to download MP3 files and t0rrent movies totally unblocked and 100% anonymously also as well, so that your ISP will not being able to see.

If you would like to try out our VPN for 30 days, […]

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Netflix and the VPN

So does Netflix still unblock when using a VPN?
The question that we get asked on a daily basis is “will Netflix unblock using your VPN?”. The first response from this of course has to be from the legal standpoint that you are of course responsible for the use of the VPN, and if you infringe copyright or go against a companies terms, then the responsibility is with yourself.

But (in theory shall we say), does Netflix unblock with a VPN? well the short answer to that is yes and no. Netflix has now been built to sniff out VPN and Proxy use and you will quite often see a message from Netflix pop up on your screen if you try to access it when connected to a VPN. You can (so we are told) sign up for this and other services from overseas when connected to a US VPN server. Millions of people access TV apps from overseas when connecting to a VPN and you could argue that if they are paying for the privilege and then also paying for a VPN, well they should be allowed to access, especially if they are only on a 2 week holiday.

If you wish to access BBC, ITV, Netflix and many of the growing number of TV apps when travelling outside of your […]

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Unblock And Access Facebook in Sri Lanka

Recent activity in Kandy in Sri Lanka has led to a shut-down of social media in the country. Many locals and tourist have found that they can no longer access Facebook and Instagram due to this. This is a problem for many people who are wishing to contact back home and stay in touch with other travellers and it looks as though the ban is staying for a while.

If you have an account from VPN01 active on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will be able to unblock and access Facebook, Instagram and all other social media both freely and anonymously too when in Sri Lanka.

Using a VPN is pretty simple really, just a quick configuration in your system settings and then press connect. Doing so sends your internet traffic via a securely encrypted VPN server located in either Europe or North America, giving you an external IP address. When you have a US/UK/CA/EU IP address, you will not only be able to unblock and access all social media when in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia, but you will also be able to access US/UK/CA/EU TV apps unblocked, perfect for BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, NBC, Crackle, RTL and all other major TV stations.

Our VPN is £6.99 / $11.99 per month and is fully unlimited data, this […]

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Unblock & Bypass Internet Restrictions in UAE

When you are visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi it can be frustrating that many websites and applications no longer work. This is due to strict internet filtering in the United Arab Emirates which stops certain services from working.

If you have a VPN installed on your devices this restriction will become a thing of the past. Not only will all services become available again, but your tracks will also be anonymous so that the local authority will not see that you are doing this.

You will also be able to access all Geo restricted content from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, NBC, RTL and many more TV apps totally unblocked.

Many expats use this service in the Middle East to unblock western TV apps and websites and also to download torrent files without censorship. Whether you are a local, expat or just passing through on holiday, it is always best to have an active VPN connection installed on all of your smart phones, tablets and laptops. This is not only for unblocking the restricted, but also it will give you total internet security and anonymity.

Visit our homepage and get 30 days free trial unlimited data UK/US/CA/EU VPN account. Use for 30 days totally free, if you wish not to use after, PAY NOTHING

Visit https://www.vpn01.com

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Unblock Snapchat and Instagram in Vietnam

Unblock Snapchat and Instagram in Vietnam
If you are travelling around south east Asia and are wanting to connect to people back home via social media and find that it is banned in Vietnam. Well there is now an easy way around this. If you install our VPN service on your laptop, tablet or smart phone, you will be able to unblock and access all western social media websites and applications both totally unblocked and anonymously and securely also.

In addition to just unblock unblocking social media, you will also be able to unblock and access UK, US, Canadian and European TV apps also, such as BBC, ITV, NBC, Crackle and more.

Our VPN is easy to install on all devices and will very quickly give you full unblocked and anonymous access to the Internet anywhere in the world.

We offer an unlimited UK/US/CA/EU VPN account totally free for 30 days, if you wish to stay a member its £6.99 per month, if not pay nothing!

Simply visit our homepage and get signed up

Welcome to VPN01 – The Fast & Reliable UK, US & EU VPN Provider

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Sky TV Outside UK

Sky has recently announced that it will be phasing out satellite dishes in the near future, replacing them with internet only set top boxes. This is a move that will not only save the company money but will make things far easier for those who do not wish to have dishes.

Many overseas who are outside of the reach of the usual Astra footprint will also be able to access via the internet when using a VPN.

A VON is great for accessing UK & US TV services when overseas as it will give you a UK or US IP address anywhere, perfect for expats.

To try out our VPN totally free for 30 days, see https://www.vpn01.com


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