Over the last two years, KODI has taken off to become the ‘alternative to downloading’ for accessing movies off of the internet. A VPN is not completely needed for KODI to function, however if you access KODI when using a VPN, it will more than triple just what KODI can do for you. Many of the popular Add-Ons on KODI are geographically locked so that they can only be seen in the UK and USA. A VPN will unlock all of these regional restrictions, so that all of the major TV Add-Ons from all over the world will work perfectly in KODI in any country in the world.

Best of all, when using a VPN with KODI you will be able to access KODI totally anonymously, so that your Internet Service provider will not be able to see that you are viewing it. This is something that provides peace-of-mind for many people.

The great thing about our VPN service is that it will allow you to access full content unblocked from the United Kingdom, United Sates, Canada, Continental Europe and Israel. All western Television and Radio services will become available to you.

All accounts with us are unlimited data, this means that you can watch hours of HD content via our VPN servers without limits. You may also install on as many devices as you wish and access on up to three devices simultaneously.

Select your currency below, make you payment in PayPal and then get connected! We provide full and easy to understand instructions and award winning customer custom along side it. Not happy with the service? Let us know within 24 hours for a full no questions asked refund.



* Always make sure that you have the permission to use third party services before connection. Please always read and agree to our terms before using our service.